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If criss-crossing the skies at the controls of a sleek light aircraft is a cherished dream, Border Aviation can make it take off. The acclaimed flight school has been training pilots since the 1940s and can teach enthusiastic aviators how to fly everything from weight-shift microlights to warbirds and historical aircraft. Not only does Border Aviation offer attentive, professional one-on-one training, it uniquely does so from three bases, depending on the instruction required: Instrument flight training takes place at the flight school’s East London Airport base; Short field training is done from Wings Park and Mountain flying is taught from the Queenspark Airfield. Highly trained, patient and dedicated, Border Aviation staff carry out Ab-initio training in both Private Pilot License (PPL) and National Pilot License (NPL) and commercial pilot training. The flight school also offers conversion to type training, hour building for commercial students, renewals, spin training, short field landings and take-offs and Instrument Flight (IF) training. Aircraft is also available on a ‘hire and fly’ basis. With 140 members on its books, the school, which was once the Border Aviation Club, now consists of engineers, airline pilots and a diverse of male and female students who share the common interest of flying and all things aircraft. Border Aviation’s hangars house an impressive fleet of magnificent flying machines including Cessna 150s, a Sling 2, a Piper Archer 181, a Mooney M20 and a Beechcraft Baron (BE58). For thrilling weekend flying, there is the light sport aircraft, the Savannah XL. A glance at photographs in Border Aviation’s offices show the exhilarated faces of students enjoying cockpit time. One shows beaming commercial pilot student Dylan Aldag building up his hours in the Cessna 150 alongside his equally stoked 83-year-old granny. At its heart, the non-profit organisation operates on the belief that a career in aviation promises adventure beyond every horizon.

For more info, please contact: 043 736 6181 er email


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