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Gardening by the moon

Gardening can be an amazing way to relax, exercise and soak up the sun even in wintertime. But if you’ve never attempted gardening before, you might find the idea of getting started a little intimidating. The world of gardening can seem a bit overwhelming and confusing when you first start out, but it really needn’t be. Once you plant your first few seeds and watch them grow into beautiful blooms, you’ll be hooked. We will be running a series of gardening posts, mainly focusing on veggie gardening.

Our other focus will be the phases of the moon, and how it can impact on your crop. We will also keep you updated on small group workshops on various aspects of gardening.

Just as the moon influences the rise and fall of the tides, it also has a gravitational effect on the moisture and sap, the soil and water table. These effects are magnified at different times of the month’s moon cycle.

The tides are highest, for example, at the time of the new and full moon when lunar gravity pulls water up. At this time, the moon also causes moisture to rise in the earth. What’s the significance of this for you? There is more moisture in the soil at this time which encourages seeds to swell, burst and sprout because that’s when they will absorb the most moisture.

OK, so what should be done this week, based on the current phase of the moon?

Clear weeds, add them to the compost pile, if you have one. If you don’t have a compost pile yet, and don’t know how to start one, don’t fear, there will be a small group workshop for that soon. The main task for this week till Wednesday, will be preparing, composting, mulching of flowerbeds/veggie patches.

Useful info: These items will be ready from seed to harvest in the following weeks: Beetroot 10 – 12 weeks Carrots 16 – 20 weeks Onions 24 – 32 weeks Spring onion 8 – 12 weeks Potatoes 16 – 20 weeks Turnips 10 – 12 weeks

Our next gardening post will be on Thursday 9 May. Pop back to find out what the next gardening tasks should be.

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