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Ride-hailing service Taxify hits the streets of East London

Taxify, the first ride hailing service to connect passengers with drivers in this city, has launched operations in East London.

Taxify is a cellphone-based app which conveniently allows passengers to request a driver to collect them wherever they are and to take them wherever they want to go, at the tap of a button.

Taxify has launched in East London in response to requests from passengers and drivers. The service is already well established in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Polokwane.

“After our successful launches in South Africa’s main centres, expanding to East London is a natural next step for Taxify,” says Gareth Taylor, Taxify’s country manager for South Africa.

“We’re looking forward to introducing East London’s first ride hailing service, which will come with the safety, convenience and affordability that comes with having an anywhere, on demand driving service.”

It’s easy to use: passengers simply download the secure and free Taxify app from the iOS or Android app stores and set up a user profile. When passengers are ready to ride, they simply open the app, set their location and their intended destination. The app will then give an upfront cost estimate for the trip. Once passengers accept the cost estimate, the app alerts drivers nearby who accept the ride.

Once a driver has accepted the ride, passengers will be able to see their driver’s name, photo, car make and model, and registration, as well as be able to track the driver making his or her way towards them in real time - all of which makes it easy to be sure that they get safely into the correct vehicle with the correct driver.

After finishing a ride passengers and drivers can rate each other out of five stars and leave any comments using the Taxify app.

Passengers pay a minimum fare of R20, with the final fare calculated based on distance travelled and the time the journey takes. Popular trips in and around East London such as Airport to City Center will cost between R70 – R85, City Center to Hemingways Mall will cost between R50 – R60, and Vincent Park to Beacon Bay Retail Park will cost between R55 – R60.

When the ride is complete, payment is made with cash, or via the credit or debit card details the rider entered into the app. Passengers paying by credit or debit card instead of cash will often receive benefits such as discount codes.

Before Taxify launched in East London, customers wanting to use a driver service had to call a taxi company and wait for a dispatcher to locate the nearest taxi and direct them to the customer from wherever their rank was located. Customers would not know how long the taxi would take to arrive, what quality the car would be, who the driver would be, or how much the fare would cost in advance, which made it difficult to plan and budget.

Taxify has already signed drivers up to the platform in East London, who will all receive 85% of all fares paid by passengers - a significantly higher percentage than what drivers using other similar platforms receive. What’s more, drivers using the platform are their own boss, as they can work how many hours they choose, there are no monthly fees, and they can work in whichever areas they want to.

Drivers’ cars must be a 2012 model or newer vehicle, with less than 100,000kms on the clock. The car has to be a four-door sedan type, hatchback or 5-7 seater vehicle such as a Toyota Corolla, Hyundai Accent, or Kia Rio, and have passed a safety inspection. This means that anybody hailing a ride through Taxify can be confident that they will get to their destination safely and comfortably.

Taxify has been hugely successful in every city where it has launched since commencing operations in South Africa in 2016. Launching in East London is particularly exciting for Taxify, because everyone in the city can now call cost-effective, quick, reliable and convenient rides from wherever they are to wherever they want to be.

How do drivers in East London join the Taxify platform?

If drivers want to become a Taxify driver, they will need a valid South African Professional Driving Permit, an Android or iPhone smart phone with GPS, and be willing for Taxify to complete a criminal background check. Taxify does not supply vehicles for drivers to use, but it may be able to connect drivers with vehicle owners that want to participate in the platform.

For more information visit the Taxify website here.

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