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Invest in yourself

February 16, 2018


When you are ready to invest in yourself, change the way your life has been up to now and live life to the fullest, there are trustworthy people who can assist you in achieving authentic life goals and enjoy an empowered holistic lifestyle.


The Abundant Life Wellness Plan comprises:

Life Coaching to various age groups
Marriage Coaching to married and single people
Spiritual Coaching

The Wellness Plan coaches, guides and develops individuals into an optimal state of health and focus on the following areas of life:


Primary: The realisation of the fullest potential of an individual:
Physical well-being
Psychologically [A sound mind, clarity of will and stable emotions]
Socially activated
Spiritual development
Economic stability


Secondary: The fulfilment of a person’s role expectations in the:


People is our Passion.

We are passionate about the well-being of souls and coach, teach and assist people in the following spheres of life:

Discover and live their PURPOSE in life
Obtain a clear VISION for their lives
Comprehending LIFE and focus on the Truth
Healing of their BROKEN hearts
Restoration of BRUISED relationships
Set FREE from the Survival Cycle Syndrome
Live a FULFILLED and joyful life

Life Coaching - The Aim and Purpose

The greatest asset in any organisation is the human resources that contribute to the success of the Business. The Abundant Life Wellness Plan is designed to empower and transform your staff into greater wellness and a balanced holistic lifestyle

  • It develops rather than imposes

  • It makes no assumptions - it’s not judgmental

  • It draws out a person’s  potential and guides them with sound wisdom

  • It is a tool of change facilitation - it enables people, rather than train them

  • Is pro-active and flexible - it allows for personal transition on an individual basis

  • Experience, wisdom and empathy are central to the coaching process.

  • It seeks to help the person’s  understanding of himself or herself

  • It covers every aspect of personal development that an individual might aspire to: for career direction and development, management and leadership, business start-up and entrepreneurialism, life skills, personal fulfilment and the acquisition of specific life skills

  • It is adaptable because it is not concerned with delivery and specialised training - it focuses on enablement, reflection and development, so that the individual decides and discovers their required progression themselves.

If you are ready to escape the “Survival Cycle Syndrome” it will only take one phone call. Book an appointment with Louis or another team member and start the process to be healed, restored and live a free life. 

Louis Jooste: 082 659 8231


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