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A love story in 59 parts

Everyone loves Lime Fusion, but we thought it might be helpful to break down the reasons we LOVE Lime Fusion ... all 59 of them. If you have another reason so we can get to a round 60, please add it in the comments!

  1. A unique shopping experience

  2. a “difficult to find” product

  3. a strange herb you saw on a Google website

  4. beautiful organic facial care products

  5. natural sunscreens

  6. hand creams

  7. neutral or naturally fragranced shower, bath, body and soap products

  8. a wide range of baby products and teething necklaces

  9. good quality supplements for adults, children and babies

  10. live probiotic products including kombucha and kefir

  11. homeopathics

  12. tissue salts

  13. herbals

  14. salt lamps and air purifiers

  15. candles

  16. plant a seed gift cards, tags, book marks and journals

  17. essential oils

  18. carrier oils

  19. massage oil blends

  20. toothpastes, bamboo toothbrushes and mouth washes

  21. colloidal silver products

  22. natural personal lubricants

  23. menstrual cups

  24. organic cotton sanitary towels and tampons

  25. mineral make-up

  26. natural perfumes

  27. natural incense and smudge sticks

  28. room and linen sprays

  29. cleaning products for the home and laundry

  30. oxygen bleach and borax

  31. pet products

  32. superfoods galore

  33. superfood energy bars

  34. protein rich smoothie powders

  35. gluten and wheat free options including pastas, biscuits, rusks, granolas

  36. gluten free oats and cereals

  37. whole grains including barley, spelt, rye, wheat

  38. specialist grains including amaranth, quinoa, teff

  39. organic rices

  40. savoury, banting and gluten free crackers

  41. coconut oils

  42. raw honey, molasses and healthy sweeteners

  43. preservative free dried fruits and nuts

  44. seeds

  45. delicious vegan treats, meals and pies

  46. homemade breads including wheat free and gluten free

  47. free range eggs and meat

  48. lactose free yoghurts, quark and cheeses

  49. goat’s milk, yoghurts and cheeses

  50. homemade ice cream and ice lollies

  51. fresh organic vegetables and fruit (when available)

  52. berries

  53. interesting range of teas, including matcha, herbals and green

  54. organic coffee

  55. freshly squeezed juices

  56. superfood smoothies

  57. reusable glass straws

  58. specialist recipe books


Pop in at LIME FUSION, Organic Living, 3 Frere Road, Vincent, and indulge yourself in all things natural, pure and organic.

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