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Add a splash of succulent colour

The weather is changing, and it is much more fun to be outdoors. This is also a great time to focus on our gardens.

The Crassula capitella is an indigenous perennial succulent that is wonderfully water wise! It likes to grow in well drained soil in full sun and is exceptionally hardy and drought tolerant.

Do not over water but rather let it be on the dry side, where it will happily perform in any garden.

This succulent’s fleshy leaves start as lime-green and then mature to a bright red colour. Red colours will be outstanding with longer sun exposure and green colours will be prominent if planted in shade conditions.

The Camp Fire Plant produces small white flowers on a stalk in summer. Bees, butterflies and insects are attracted to the flowers and this brings a host of other animals onto the garden. Should Crassula capitella become overgrown divide the clumps and re-plant.

They perform well in window boxes, containers and rockeries or why not try them in areas where irrigation is not possible; verges, drive ways or public spaces.

BUY: Floradale Nursery – East London, Builder’s Express. Or simply share with a friend!

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